Skip the queues and get rewarded at the same time

It's time to reimagine loyalty by building allegiances around values and impact. Get rewarded for shopping locally, and supporting your community.

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Kickstart the high street

Support your community and join our ecosystem of like-minded consumers and businesses, committed to doing good. Discover companies that genuinely care about your community and find out about their initiatives and charitable work. You can even give back to the community by donating your reward in-app.

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Customer benefits

  • Get rewarded
    Receive free rewards, discounts and offers. Collect stamps to claim prizes.
  • Save time
    Pre-order and pay before you arrive. No need to queue or handle cash.
  • Shop with purpose
    Become a conscious consumer and shop with companies that share your values.
  • Discover
    Easily discover new businesses in the area.
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Pre-order & pay in seconds!

The most streamlined checkout process possible. Using App Clips and Apple Pay, That Loyalty App enables customers to open, pre-order and pay in seconds. We are eliminating all barriers to entry.

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Business benefits

  • Quick set-up
    List your business and create a full merchant account on the same day.
  • Take pre-orders
    Grow footfall & reduce queuing at the same time.
  • In-App payment
    No need to handle cash or even own a card machine.
  • Increases retention & revenue
    Best in class loyalty app, designed to keep customers coming back.

Add your business today, to receive amazing benefits!

List your business and unlock a full merchant account on launch day! Early adopters get the first 3 months free to help you boost business. Awesome right?

*£60 set-up fee waived & 3 month license fee waived. Small transaction fees to be charged as per agreement.

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